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Oregon Columbia River Gorge

Season: Year Round
Wind: West & East
Style: Flat Water
Best For: Windsurfing, Kiting
 Live Cams

Located on the Washington side, in the middle of the Columbia Gorge corrider. Cross over from I84 over the Bridge of the Gods which will take you 140 feet above the river, kind of cool. Primarily a west wind site, this place works well on east winds too and is a good retreat spot when Rooster Rock blows 60mph. Obviously, in the winter, 5 millimeter wetsuit or dry suit recommended. Summer temps are in the 70s.

Kites launch from Kite Beach, windsurfers launch from Bob's beach.

Rig bigger, this sailing site is mostly slalom oriented. It's a good place to sail bigger boards, bigger sails and relax on the water. It has its days though, when it can blow 4.7. 

Plenty of parking, grass rigging, showers. Nice easy spot.

Map and Directions

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