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Rooster Rock

Oregon Columbia River Gorge

Season: October-April
Wind: East
Style: Flat Water, Bump & Jump
Best For: Windsurfing, Kiting
 Live Cams

Located on the Oregon side, about 25 mn east of Portland, this is an East wind site best in the fall. Spring east winds are strong too but don't quite have as much umph as fall east winds. Best when water temps are above the 50s, so October & November are great times of the year for Rooster Rock. Water temps dip in the 40s in December and high 30s in January, hypothermia a real risk in winter.

Great amenities, grass rigging, bathrooms. Need an Oregon State Park pass or pay the fee.

This is the only sailing site of the Columbia River east of Portland that is subject to ocean tides. Yes. Water level can vary by up to 2 ft in one day. Not that it matters much, just worth mentioning.

Large sandbar, very friendly spot to sail. Rig bigger, and put a bigger fin in your board to stay upwind. Do not rig as you would on similar west wind strengths, this is more similar to Ocean rigging where wind and current go the same direction. It can be extremely wild on the river, and fun. Ramps are tight but if you're sailing in 3.7, there will be plenty of jumps to be had. It's windier on the Washington side.

Wind can get stupidly strong here - as the side photo will show you. If you see rainbows on the water, it's blowing 50mph. It's not uncommon for the wind sensor to read wind gusts up to 80mph or more during the year.

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