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Central Oregon Coast

Season: April - September
Wind: North
Style: Wave Riding
Best For: Windsurfing, Kiting
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The Newport South Jetty is a state park a short drive south past the Newport bridge. Follow the state park signs. Nice grass rigging area and outside running water. When the conditions are right, this is one of the best places on the Oregon coast to sail. Great down-the-line sailing with clean waves makes this place epic in the right conditions. When the waves are north/northwest and big you can hide behind the jetty and sneak out and catch the big ones in spring, fall and occasionally winter.

This is one the best wave of the coast for down the line windsurfing, but we gave it a lower rating due to the fact the wind is not reliable. If it's not blowing at least 25 at the south beach sensor, then pass on and drive to Florence.

Wind Report:

Map and Directions

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