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Cape Meares Lake

North Oregon Coast

Season: Year Round
Wind: SW, W, NW
Style: Flat Water Blasting, Foil
Best For: Windsurfing
 Live Cams

Getting There

Easy access:

Go to Tillamook, then take Bay Ocean road, to go to the town of Cap Meares. Once you get to the dike, keep going and park at the boat launch.

This is a SW, W, NW wind sailing spot. Mostly a flat water spot, absolutely beautiful, for when the winds are blowing with a lot of west in them and the ocean is gigantic, or for sailing easy 5.0 west winds in calm beautiful waters. This is a very safe lake to sail, avoid in the summer when the water levels are low as the weeds will bug you, but in the fall, winter and spring, this place has plenty of water and is pretty awesome. Good place to foil too.

This spot requires a lot of West in the wind. There's a small wind shadow at the boat launch on SW winds. 

It's beginner friendly. No tides to manage. Avoid getting too close to the dike obviously and the newly built dock on the SW corner, shouldn't be a problem since you should never find yourself there. Also, there are sometimes underwater logs with branches by the road side, so watch for these. This lake water level is regulated by a drainage by the south end of the dike, which empties into the Tillamook bay on the other side.

The best way to get an idea of the wind on the water is to either drive on the dike and check the wind there, as what you feel on the dike is what you will feel on the water; or walk on the dock and feel the wind there too.

Spots nearby are Manzanita, Barview and Oceanside.

Map and Directions

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