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kiting in Manzanita
kiting in Manzanita
Manzanita Cliffs, Neakahine Point Break
Manzanita Cliffs, Neakahine Point Break


North Oregon Coast

Season: April - September
Wind: North
Style: Bump & Jump
Best For: Windsurfing, Kiting, Surfing
 Live Cams

Drive thru the center of town until you hit the beach, you can launch anywhere, however some locals think the south part of the beach by the houses is a better place to launch. The wind is often very “on shore” here good for jumping when the inside actually has wind in it. Look for Portland to be hot. This sailing site will go off when all other north locations are shut down due to the heat in Portland; down the line wave sailing here is near non-existent due to the on-shore wind.



Map and Directions

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