Conditions: North Central South Gorge
  Cams & Sat: Satellite Coast Gorge
  Charts: Coast Gorge
photo credit: International Windsurfing Tour - Morgan Noireaux Backloop at the Wave Bash in Pistol River 2017
photo credit: International Windsurfing Tour - Morgan Noireaux Backloop at the Wave Bash in Pistol River 2017

Oregon Coast Windsurf Resource

Access mobile reports to and on-the-go windsurf spot guides. Remember, there are no lifeguards on the coast, know your limits, avoid sailing alone and have fun.

4/10/2021 Update: windsurf gear rental no longer exists in the Gorge, both BigWinds and Windance have discontinued that service, sorry folks. Kiting gear rental still exists.

4/1/2021 Update: updated the wave model to the new GFS bulletin (NOAA was decommissioned 3/2021)

3/11/2021 Update: fixed cams, lots of broken cams, some new ones.

7/23/2020 Update: fixed the satellite for Oregon with a new source 

6/17/2019 Update: added Whiskey Run, a great spot between Bandon and Coos Bay

8/22/2018 Update: fixed OR wind sensors for Pacific City, Yachats Florence and Gold Beach

8/22/2018 Update: fixed WA wind sensors for Iverson Rd and Edmonds Point

3/20/2018 Update: found a new web cam for Oceanside, OR. 

2/3/2018 Update: fixed several formatting issues on the NWS reports for the Washington Coast

12/7/2016 Update: added wave direction and ETA for swell arrival to beach from Buoy reading

9/14/2016 Update: Washington and Oregon satellite images use higher resolution NOOA satellite links

3/15/2016 Update: added Washington Puget Sound and Washington mm5 and resource links in footer

2/17/2016 Update: fixed MM5 charts

10/7/2015 Update: added satellite photos on current conditions (below cams) and a dedicated tab up top.

10/5/2015 Update: pull tides from accurate locations.

7/30/2015 Update: added popular Columbia Gorge sailing sites

6/16/2015 Update: Updated CoosBay and Gold Beach wind sensors

6/2/2015 Update: Port Orford web cam is back

5/1/2015 Update: Added Forecast to bottom of home page

3/1/2015 Update: We added wave modeling tables to the report pages.

2/27/2015 Update: We added tide information to the report pages.

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