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Oregon Columbia River Gorge

Season: March - October
Wind: West
Style: Swell Riding, Bump and Jump
Best For: Windsurfing, Kiting
 Live Cams

15 mn east of Hood River on I84. Take the Rowena exit, then make a right after the brige (and after the rail road). Continue to the park. Requires an Oregon Park pass. Bathrooms, grass rigging. Watch for slippery rocks getting in the water.

Very bumpy spot, can be great when the wind is blowing 3.7. Sail downwind a bit to the former "Dougs West" sailing spot for smoother swells. Often windier on the Washington side.

A favorite spot that blows early in the spring and convenient if you don't want to cross the river to sail at Dougs. The Rowena corrider is an interesting place. It can blow while Hood River or Dougs' aren't. 

Map and Directions

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