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Roads End. Photographer: Trudy Lary
Roads End. Photographer: Trudy Lary

Roads End

Lincoln City - North Oregon Coast

Season: April - September
Wind: North
Style: Bump & Jump
Best For: Windsurfing, Kiting
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Flagged as a North wind spot, it is actually regularly ridden by the local kite crew on south winds. But given how big the south swells can get, and how tricky the beach break is, we don't recommend this place for windsurfing on south winds. 

Getting There

The launch is at the Roads End Park just a short drive north of the casino. Turn off 101 like you were going to the casino on NW Logan Road and keep driving until you see a public beach park.  

This place is often the best when the wind first comes up and there is less cross chop. If you see waves breaking on the outer sand bars the waves are probably a lot bigger then they look like from the beach. At High tide closer to the park there can be a nasty reformed beach break that takes a bit of timing to get through safely. The wind gets weaker the farther south you are from the park. Try not to get caught south of the launching area. A good choice for sailor unfamiliar with the break is to walk upwind from the park about 200 yards and launch there. Many times when South Beach is shut down Roads End will be blowing.

The wind at Roads End usually starts at 1:30 pm, peaks at 4pm and dies by 6:00 pm. If you cannot get to Roads End before 4:30 pm, do not sail here.

This is a prime kiting spot, expect to sail with several kiters. Always rig bigger than you would, glass spots on the inside are frequent.

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