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Crescent city windsurfer
Crescent city windsurfer
redwoods off Crescent City - 199 Hwy
redwoods off Crescent City - 199 Hwy

Crescent City

South Oregon Coast

Season: October - March
Wind: South
Style: Flat Water Blasting, Bump & Jump
Best For: Windsurfing, Surfing
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Located south of the border, this is the only sailing sport of Northern California to make it into the Oregon windsurfing guide because it's just so close to Oregon and the 199 off Grants Pass takes you directly there. Driving Directions? Either straight south on the 101, or 5 south then 199 west at Grants Pass.

Head south on the 101, towards south beach. Great sailing spot on south wind, gentle waves, almost  a flat water spot. The more south you sail, the bigger the waves. Launch off the 101 south of the jetty.This is a beginner friendly spot, as the south winds will send you back to the beach if you get in trouble. Of course, avoid getting into the Jetty,.

The best activity nearby is to drive on the 199 just a few miles east of Crescent City and visit the Redwoods at the Jedediah Smith Redwood Park. It's just a stunning place, any time of the year.

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